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Chainsaw Course


Are you Chainsaw Compliant?

About the course

Get qualified and get compliant with RTSNZ and STIHL

Take this 1.5 day NZQA level 3 certification course in a local hub near you with 13 regional locations and dates available throughout 2024.

The aim of this chainsaw course is to provide people with the skills and knowledge needed to safely maintain and operate a chainsaw.

The course is partially funded by Primary ITO for most people. Check here to see if you qualify for funding!

With funding the chainsaw course cost is $450pp.

RTSNZ Chainsaw Course in Partnership with STIHL

Use quality STIHL gear to train with. From PPE and safety equipment, to commercial chainsaws. Get hands on with top of the line products.

Trainings taking place in 2024:

  • Whanagarei                                         Week Commencing  19th February                                     Completed

  • Auckland                                              Week Commencing  4th March                                                     Completed

  • Hamilton                                              Week Commencing  1st April                                                        Completed

  • Tauranga                                              Week Commencing  8th April

  • Rotorua                                                Week Commencing  29th April

  • Napier                                                  Week Commencing  13th May

  • New Plymouth                                 Week Commencing  17th June

  • Palmerston North                           Week Commencing  8th July

  • Wellington                                         Week Commencing  12th August

  • Blenheim                                            Week Commencing  2nd September

  • Nelson                                                 Week Commencing  9th September

  • Christchurch                                     Week Commencing  7th October

  • Dunedin                                             Week Commencing  4th November

  • Queenstown                                    Week Commencing  18th November

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the rules for safe chainsaw use 

  • Describe PPE and first aid requirements for chainsaw operators

  • Disassemble and reassemble a chainsaw, identify its components, and understand their functions

  • Knowledge of the factors that influence the safe operation of a chainsaw

  • Carry out daily maintenance tasks

  • Prepare to operate a chainsaw

  • Use a chainsaw to make cuts safely

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